Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S Review

Why We Think It Gives the Most Bang for Your Buck

There are plenty of electric scooters available on the market. However, the most impressive ones usually cost an arm and a leg.

But guess what?

Xiaomi Mi 1S offers a lot without destroying your savings. This e-scooter was released in China at the beginning of the pandemic and served as a replacement for one of Xiaomi’s successful products, the M365 pro.

It wasn’t a success right away due to the timing of its release, but it slowly made its way to Europe in August 2020.

Now, let’s talk specs:

Size: (Unfolded) 108 x 43 x 114 cm

         (Folded) 108 x 43 x 49 cm

Weight: 12.5 kg

Max Rider Weight: 100 kg

Engine Power: 250 Watts

Engine Power Max: 500 Watts

Range: 18 miles or 30 km

Top Speed: 16 mph or 25 kmph

Waterproof: IP54 (splash resistance)

Design and Features

As we’ve mentioned before, 1S is a new and improved version of M365, and it shows a bit on the design.

The 1S model has a speedometer, battery level, and mode on the display screen. You can find the accelerator on the right-hand bar, and the brake is accessible on the left.

Xiaomi MI scooter 1S display screen

For safety reasons, 1S is peppered with reflectors: on the stem and the front and rear wheels. There’s also a considerable light source on the mudguard. These enable users to ride safely into the night.

One problem people seem to have an issue about is the narrow deck. It’s difficult to balance yourself if you put your feet on it, side by side. However, we see no problem with it because it’s prohibited to do so.

Folding and unfolding the scooter can be done in a jiff, so it’s perfect for people who’re always in a hurry.

Moreover, IP54 may not be the optimal water resistance rating, but it renders the e-scooter splash resistant. If you live in the UK, then you know just how valuable this is. You still won’t be able to use your e-scooter on a rainy day, but you can do so the minute the sky lets up.

Overall, the design still screams Xiaomi: aluminium frame and cables on display, for example. You’ll be able to tell the e-scooter manufacturer at the outset. The 1S shares the same dimensions as the M365, meaning it’s also very portable, making it a favourite for commuters out there.


The 1S has three-speed modes available:

  • Pedestrian mode: 5km/hr
  • Standard mode: 20 km/h
  • Sport mode: 25 km/h

These modes are beneficial for beginners, as they can easily switch between all three according to their needs.

Expert riders, on the other side, can kick things up without changing modes and merely utilising the pedestrian one.

However, the deck side can be an issue. Riders accustomed to a broader deck might look for a larger one.

But here’s the thing: the 1S’ kickboard may seem like a nuisance at first since everyone prefers to stand comfortably on their scooter, but it contributes significantly to the compactness of the e-scooter.

Also, there’s no reason to fret since you only need to put one foot a little further in front. It makes for a natural lean, which isn’t hard to master. After using the e-scooter for a few minutes, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Despite the narrow kickboard, 1S is easy to use. The rear brake is within reach, and Xiaomi’s braking technology brings the e-scooter to a quick and impact-free halt.

Its nominal power is 250W, but its max power is 500W. Due to UK laws, you’ll have to stick to 15mph or 25kmph, but you’ll need something that packs in more punch when riding up a hill.

Some people struggle a bit with stability since the e-scooter is too light, but it’s not like the Xiaomi 1S will topple over. It’s just a little unsettling for people who are a bit on the heavy end of the scale or are used to riding heavier models. Of course, extra precautions are still in order. Don’t forget to wear your helmet.

Battery and Connectivity

You can meet the estimated range for the 1S, but you’ll have to adjust the speed. Bear in mind that the given specs are just estimates.

Battery life tends to be more ambitious and varying. It becomes shorter if used in colder or high areas, so you can’t expect the same performance as projected. Still, we think that Xiaomi delivers and can run for 10 miles at a reasonable speed.

According to the manufacturer, the 1S battery is better than the M365’s, resulting in a faster charge time and longer lifespan.

In terms of connectivity, Xiaomi has a Home App, which permits remote control. Although it’s not as far-reaching as Segway Ninebot and Bird’s, it meets the necessity.

The difficulty is in linking the device and the app, it doesn’t run smoothly for everyone, least of all for the non-techie folks. Xiaomi needs to update its process in this department.

Our Verdict: Why We’re Giving It A 4.6

Priced at less than £500, everything about this e-scooter spells premium. Yet, it’s pocket-friendly. After all, Xiaomi’s known for producing cost-effective options, be it mobile or, in this case, an e-scooter.

This mid-range electric scooter can provide an excellent riding experience that you can only get from expensive rivals. Its battery range is also good enough for daily use.

The only reason we’re not giving it five stars is because, its maximum capacity is below the usual, and the scooter has some features that need some getting used to — the overall lightness and narrow deck.

However, we believe that this e-scooter still gives the highest return on investment, which is why it’s on our top 5 most favourite scooters.

Here are some benefits and drawbacks for the Xiaomi Mi 1SÑ

Solid design
Straightforward to use
Quality performance
Low max user weight
Not water-resistant

We highly recommend it to:

  • Beginners and experienced riders
  • People looking for a long-term e-scooter
  • Daily commuters