What Size Battery For 50cc Scooter

Just like with electric scooters, 50cc scooters must have its battery for it to run. It is not because it will be their primary source of power for it to run but it is for powering up its other electronic components. It is also there to provide a spark on the ignition so that the scooter will be able to start.

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So it is important to know what size battery for a 50cc scooter. This will prevent any problems because a wrong battery can damage the electrical components of a 50cc scooter.

It will also provide just the right power for it to respond perfectly while you are riding it. The most common battery that is used for it is the Size YTX4LB battery.

This is not only used for 50cc scooters but also for electric ATVs and moped-style scooters. They come in various brands but they have the same capacity. You just need to choose a reliable brand. This will make sure that you’ll get the most out of the battery easily.

Problems will also come up if the battery isn’t reliable. Have you heard cars and motorcycles getting burnt up? That will happen if you got either a bad battery or wiring. So you do not want that to happen. 

Why choose the right size of battery for your 50cc scooter?

As we have elaborated a while ago wrong battery can bring problems. Aside from that, it will be pretty obvious if you have put the wrong battery. At the end of the day, a 50cc scooter’s frame is limited to accommodate bigger batteries. So it will be useless if you will upgrade the battery for more electronic components to be in it.

Since 50cc scooters were made just for low speed and short distance driving, it must remain just like that. So the next time your scooter isn’t able to start but has a clicking sound, then most probably it is the battery. Now you know what battery you’ll need to replace it expect that you will not run into problems.

It does not mean that you are not allowed to modify it. Because I have seen a lot of enthusiasts modify their 50cc scooters by removing some of its body parts such as their flares. It makes the scooter lighter thus faster. 

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50cc scooter versus Electric scooter

Some people prefer using petrol-based scooters because they want to use the conventional way of powering up a particular vehicle. They miss the sounds and usually they are petrol heads. Aside from that, they should hear engine sounds which makes everything desirable for them while they are riding. Last but not the least, they are usually faster than their electric scooters counterparts.

On the other hand, people choose electric scooters because they are quiet which is great for strolling around the neighborhood. Since they are not noisy, they are more comfortable to ride and has more stability because of their slower speeds.


Now we have finished tackling this topic of what size battery for 50cc scooters. We have discovered that you’ll need to have a Size YTX4LB battery. It comes in different brands and variations but they are still the same. What you must be serious about is to find the one that is the most reliable. Or if you would want to try to ride a completely electricity-powered scooters then you can take a look at the links that we have provided a while ago. You’ll surely have more choices of what to choose if you’ll go gas-powered or electric.