Unagi Model One E-Scooter E500 Review: What We Like About This Turbo Wonder

Ross from the hit show FRIENDS brought the Japanese word Unagi to pop culture.

In the show, he referred to it as the state of relaxed awareness. In reality, it’s far from his claim.

The word “unagi” means freshwater eel.

Unagi Scooter

And it’s a very fitting name for this electric scooter.

This e-scooter effortlessly glides through the streets in a swift motion. And with style. In fact, it earned the title “Tesla of e-scooters” because of its appearance and performance.

We can’t really argue with that. And neither will you once we’ve laid out the specifications in front of you.

Unagi Model One E500 Specifications

Size: 43.3 x 37.8 x 16.5 inches (unfolded)

37.8 x 16.5 x 15 inches (folded)

Weight: 12 kg

Max rider weight: 120 kg

Max speed: 15 mph

Range: 15.5 miles

Motor: Dual 250 W

Charging time 4.5 hours

There are two models of Unagi Model One, but we’re only talking about the E500 version in this article. Let’s get started.

Unagi Model One E500 Design

The Unagi Model One is straightforward to secure. You can do it with just a single click. Look for the button found at the steerer tube base. You’ll need it when using the scooter or when tucking it away.

Its carbon steerer tube is easy to carry around, making it an ideal choice for people who take public transportation. Moreover, it’s thanks to this material that this e-scooter is lighter than its rivals.

This e-scooter gets delivered with a missing handlebar which you need to attach yourself. Most people aren’t fond of having to assemble things, but in this case, you better make an exception. It’s basically child’s play, and you’ve got everything you need in the package.

Lastly, let’s talk about what’s going on at the bottom. The wheels are 7.5 inches, made of rubber and come with air pockets. They are also puncture-proof and low maintenance, an ideal option for people on the go.

Unagi Model One E500 Features

The Unagi Model One E500 is a breath-taking e-scooter, and the features that go with it are not far behind.

There’s a button above both paddles, each of which performs different functions. The left-hand button triggers the horn after a long press, releasing a loud beep.

Another button just above the accelerator paddle has two purposes. Once you press it, it displays your trip and mileage. Press it twice, and you can switch riding modes. Choose between beginner (1), intermediate (2), and advanced (3).

Unagi handlebar

Even the power button has a dual function. On top of powering up the scooter, it sets off the dual-mode matter after double pressing it.

The E500 also has an electrical braking system, which requires no maintenance and doesn’t jerk. You can also find a foot pedal brake for added safety.

The Model One also puts important data on full display through the available compact screen. On it, you can check your current speed, battery life, light status, riding and moto mode, as well as distance travelled.

Unfortunately, the Unagi scores pretty low when it comes to connectivity features. Unlike other scooters, it doesn’t come with an app. Some apps allow people to lock their scooters remotely, which promotes convenience and caution.

Unagi Model One E500 Performance

The previous version has improved remarkably since the upgrade to the E500 model. This e-scooter accelerates and runs faster than other scooters of the same weight.

One thing that makes Unagi Model One E500 stand out is how it pays no mind to steepness. If you have been on the lookout for a model that can conquer hills, this e-scooter won’t let you down. In fact, it does so without compromising speed.

When you took a look at the specs, you probably scratched your head when we mentioned The Model One is restricted to 26 km/hr or 15.5 mph. This just renders the e-scooter much like its rivals, right?

Well, you can unlock it through a couple of inputs if you want it to reach a speed limit of 32 kmh.

However, we did find something problematic with the Tesla of e-scooters. It doesn’t have suspension. It only utilises ribbed tyres to smoothen the ride quality. Therefore, riding on smooth cemented roads may be excellent, but if you take it for a ride on rough terrain, you’re in for a beating.

Unagi Model One E500 Battery Life

A dual motor system comes with a price; the battery life drains more quickly. If you want the scooter to run longer, you will have to sacrifice your need for speed or use only a single motor. You can easily activate the other one if you’re about to go uphill.

Our Verdict: Why We’re Giving It A 4.4

Unagi Model One’s more about sleek and ergonomic design. It also scores high on portability because of its lightweight materials.

Performance wise, it’s above average, which is why it wound up on our top e-scooter picks. We love how you can adjust the top speed with a few simple tricks. This is suitable for individuals who prefer to travel fast. Also, it has the capacity to take on the challenge of going uphill, regardless of the tilt angle.

It has so many things to offer, but we’re not sold when it comes to the hefty price tag that goes with it. The Unagi Model One is not pocket-friendly, which is a deal-breaker for many. For the sum you’ll shell out, you can get much more from a scooter with premium features.

We highly recommend it to:

  • People who live in hilly areas
  • Individuals who like a sleek design
  • Commuters

We don’t recommend it to:

  • People on a budget
  • Individuals who prioritise connectivity features