Stunt Scooters

What You Should Know About Stunt Scooters

Looking for some ways to have fun while riding your scooter?

Sorry to break it to you, but you shouldn’t use any scooter for that. 

Especially since there’s a proper scooter that serves that purpose.

Enter: The Stunt Scooter.

The name itself is a lot of fun and pretty much self-explanatory. You can’t deny this type of scooter is made for scooter tricks and grinds, right?

If you or your child are planning to do some stunts on a scooter, you can bet that it’s a safer choice than an ordinary scooter. 

What Makes It a Stunt Scooter?

stunt scooters

Just because it’s in the name doesn’t mean it plays the part, right? 

Apart from stunt scooters being made intentionally for tricks and stunts, this type of scooter’s design actually ensures that you can use it not just for scooting, but also for kicking things up as you go without compromising your safety.

Stunt scooters are made of sturdy but light materials to safeguard you from the impacts and hits that come with performing aerobatic landings and other stunts. 

However, the materials’ lightness keeps the scooter manageable, so your moves don’t become restricted.

What makes a Stunt Scooter Different from Normal Scooters

To be candid, numerous factors make stunt scooters unique.

You can’t fold stunt scooters as you would normally do with regular scooters when it’s time to tuck them away. They’re too firm to be adjusted and folded. This is the primary distinction that sets apart stunt scooters from the rest.

As mentioned earlier, these are made of robust yet lightweight materials, such as steel alloy, that you won’t usually see in regular scooters.

Their specific sizes render them easy to navigate and use for pulling off stunts hassle-free.

They also have a more reliable safety system than other types of scooters.

The Most Important Parts of Stunt Scooters

We won’t list out all the parts of stunt scooters, so relax.

We only want to shed some light onto two important stunt scooter parts that distinguish them even more from the others. 

These parts are worth the attention because you should keep your eyes peeled for them when choosing your stunt scooter. Of course, there are other factors in play, but we’ll get to that later.

For now, take note of the following:


One-piece T-bars are associated with stunt scooters for a good reason. These bars are tough enough to tolerate blows and impacts, and keep the scooters standing upright. 

Moreover, these bars are not adjustable, which is why a particular stunt scooter only caters to a specific height range.

You won’t ever see a foldable or adjustable bar in a stunt scooter because these mechanisms can turn faulty and are more susceptible to wear and tear


Their wheels are geared with metal cores to provide more stable support to the rest of the stunt scooter. 

These are only fitting for all the action stunt scooters go through. 

Plastic cores tend to be flimsier. That’s not to say there aren’t high-quality and robust plastic materials. However, you can only find them on a standard scooter because they are good enough for riding around, but nothing else beyond that.

How Heavy are Stunt Scooters? 

It depends on the size, and materials used. 

To give you an overview, a stunt scooter’s weight is usually attributed to the frame.

As stated before, stunt scooters have to be durable. However, using heavy, sturdy materials isn’t the way to go. These would only render the scooter too heavy to control and do tricks with. 

Therefore, light materials are much preferred.

Stunt scooters are usually lighter than regular scooters, but they are a little heftier than kick scooters. 

Are there different types of Stunt Scooters?

Yes, there are! In fact, there’re tons of them up for sale on the market. 

Most of them differ in the features available. For instance, most high-end scooters come with compression systems, which you can’t find in regular stunt scooters. 

They also vary in terms of the materials used. Titanium is a top choice for higher quality scooters because they are very robust and lightweight. However, you’ll see more of this material in pro stunt scooters.

It goes without saying that a stunt scooter becomes more top-notch when geared with more features and made with better materials.

Factors to Look for When Buying Stunt Scooters

stunt scooter

Aside from handlebar and wheels, there are other things you should bear in mind before you purchase a stunt scooter for yourself (or your child!):


This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because the last thing you want as a consumer is to spend more than you should. If you can obtain the best quality at a reasonable price, then that’s all you need. 

However, top quality is almost always synonymous to expensive. 

Fortunately, when it comes to stunt scooters, you don’t have to splurge if you’re not going pro. Your main priority is to find a cost-effective model that will last you a long time.

Expertise level

You can find multiple freestyle models that are perfect if you’re just starting out. 

However, professionals need extra features, such as metalcore wheels and compression kits for a sturdier but lightweight model. These special additions can increase the price tag attached to the stunt scooter, but they greatly improve your performance.

Load Capacity

Both children and adults can use stunt scooters. Therefore, it’s important to know if your scooter of choice is appropriate for you or your children’s weight. 

Most scooters can carry 50 to 100 kilograms. The range is wide enough for any of the family members to use the same stunt scooter. However, you should still be mindful of it.


The lighter the scooter, the easier it is to manoeuvre. Most scooters, these days, are made of light aluminium. This is what makes it easier to fly in the air while performing tricks at the skatepark.


One common mistake that stunt scooter buyers make is basing their purchase on their or their child’s age. 

However, the best reference is the height if you want to make sure that the handlebar is just right. As a basic principle, the top of the bar should extend up to the waist area.

How Expensive are Stunt Scooters?

The price isn’t “one size fits all”. It will hinge on the type you choose, and by extension, the features and materials that go with it. 

Lucky for you, we’ve done our research to help give you a better idea of the price range.

Affordable stunt scooters suitable for children or beginner adults are worth £50 – £60. Not bad, right? They are pretty good for beginners or for people who are simply testing the waters.

If you want to level things up a bit, or are looking for a long-term stunt scooter, you might have to shell out a few more bucks. Sturdier models can cost £100 and above. Not to worry, because they are often worth the investment.

Choosing top tier stunt scooters might seem a little exorbitant for beginners since these vehicles can go as high as £500. However, if you are pursuing a career or competing, you should be willing to splurge a bit if you want to enjoy special features that come with these scooters. 

Generally speaking, though, stunt scooters are budget-friendly. The amount of money you cough up will depend mostly on how much you want to pursue stunt scooting. 

If it’s just for fun, then you might want to skip buying stunt scooters with features you won’t need.

Are Stunt Scooters Really Safe for Kids?

Yes, they absolutely are.

 As a parent, don’t be alarmed. Using stunt scooters are actually safer than other recreational activities in the skateboard park. 

If your child frequents that scene, then you couldn’t be more relieved that he’s into stunt scooters. 

But bear in mind that the best age to get your child into stunt scooting is around 8 years old to ensure they have adequate coordination skills needed in this recreational activity.

What are The Best Stunt Scooter Accessories

Stunt scooters are generally safe, but there are plenty of things you can do to safeguard yourself or your child even more. Invest in some safety accessories, such as a hard-wearing helmet (similar to that used in skateboarding) and protective pads for elbows, wrists, and knees.

You might also want to buy scooter carry straps. Since stunt scooters don’t fold, it’s harder for them to carry around. A carry strap will make it a lot more convenient to transport the scooter wherever you please.

Maintaining a Stunt Scooter 

To make sure your stunt scooter maintains its excellent form, make sure you store it in a dry area to avoid rusting. 

Also, check the quality of the bearings and wheels regularly. Doing so can help you monitor the scooter’s overall performance and replace some materials ahead of time.

 Lastly, you might want to look into getting insurance for your scooter, especially if you’ve bought an expensive one. Insurance costs about £5 a year in exchange for repairs and adjustments. Pretty cheap, right?


John Symmonds

John Symmonds is a professional electric scooter journalist.