Pure Air E-scooter Review

Why We’re Calling it The Most MultiFaceted Scooter

Pure Electric has done it again.

Soon after releasing the Pure Air Pro model, they developed another model for everyday use — the Pure Air.

Much like its predecessor, this all-around electric scooter did not disappoint. It’s tagged as beginner-friendly due to its reliability and robust nature.

It has so many features, given its affordable price, which is why we’ve given it a 4.8/5. It’s not without flaws, of course. We’ll talk more about this later, but first, let’s get down to brass tacks.

Pure Air Specifications

Now that we’ve got the facts out of the way, we’re ready to give you a more in-depth analysis of what we think about this e-scooter (and why it’s deserving of the high rating we’ve given it).

Pure Air Design and Features

Pure Air’s basic design is a little larger than other entry-level scooters, but we can’t deny the originality of its design.

Its sleekness is not just aesthetic. It also serves as a testament to the well-built nature of the e-scooter. Moreover, it’s structured to carry heavier weights, which means it can carry you and your belongings without a hitch.

Let’s talk design, starting with the handlebars. The brake is found on the left, and the control panel is at the centre. This does great a job of levelling up the design. Unfortunately, there’s one disadvantage: it makes speed-changing mid-ride more challenging since the button is a little out of reach.

The screen is also very useful. It displays your speed mode, current speed, light functions, battery, and connection.

The Pure Air has a U-shaped bracket that locks the stem hinge. It’s very straight-forward, but there are faster ways of doing it.

Overall, we’re fond of its design. It doesn’t hurt that there are plenty of colours to choose from — black, carbon, silver, grey and mint green.

Pure Air Performance

Pure Air is for beginners, but its performance is on another level as it provides a superior experience.

Its 250 Watt motor is the primary source of power. It may not seem like much, but it does the job. It helps provide adequate acceleration when necessary.

Moreover, its location is well-thought-out. This motor is placed on the rear wheel, liberating the frontal zone. This enables you to steer the wheel better and without delay.

Setting the e-scooter is simple. You simply press the accelerator; it thrusts the scooter, and it reaches the maximum speed in seven seconds. You can use the throttle to adjust the speed accurately.

Changing the mode is a different story. Ensure that you’ve set it to riding mode because shifting to another while riding proves to be a struggle.

Its 10-inch tyres are robust and make for a stable base. They’re pneumatic, so they are low impact. Rubber wheels are sturdier, but this material has a drawback – shudders.

Pure Air wheels

Aside from the difficulty shifting modes, there’s only one other issue we’ve come across with. The brake makes a noise, and it can be unpleasant, but it’s not a cause of concern. What’s more important is that Pure Air does not jerk or twitch once you set off the brake.

Pure Air has a mechanical brake, which sets the drum brake and e-brake in motion simultaneously.

Pure Air climbed up to the number one spot on our e-scooter list because of the overall experience. It rides smoothly and has so much power. Riding roads and pavements won’t be an issue since this e-scooter can steadily accommodate the bumps and potholes along the way.

You also shouldn’t need to steer clear of puddles and wet roads because it has IP65 water resistance. Using it all year round won’t be a problem, despite the gloomy weather in the UK.

Pure Air Battery Life and Speed

The speed limit for e-scooters in the UK is 15mph (25kmph). It’s a high speed for Pure Air, meaning at this point, you can’t expect the scooter’s battery to run long.

The battery diminishes at top speed from our experience, so we don’t recommend you to utilise it if you’re aiming to make a long-distance trip.

pure air e-scooter

For us, the sweet spot has got to be the middle range. It reaches up to an average of 12mph (20kmph). It helps assist the battery in lasting longer without compromising your pace.

Our Verdict: Why We’re Giving It A 4.8

We love Pure Air’s flexibility when it comes to range and performance. It’s also equipped with useful design and features to give you the optimum riding experience.

Most e-scooters that offer this value come with a hefty price tag. But since Pure Air is aimed at beginners, it’s made more affordable. It’s priced lower than £400.

Other reasons to give it a go is its guaranteed safety, fuss-free maintenance, and premium quality.

We’re not going to make false claims about this e-scooter being perfect. It’s not. Due to the sturdy design and coveted water resistance, the scooter is heavier than its market competitors.

Otherwise, we would have given it a 5.


Value for money

Huge maximum load capacity

Low maintenance


Great price


HeavyDifficulty shifting speeds

Slightly below-average battery life

We highly recommend it to:

  • People looking to buy affordable options.
  • Residents of areas with high precipitation.
  • Individuals who prioritise safety on the road.
  • Night Riders

We don’t recommend it to:

  • Speed freaks
  • Commuters who ride the train and other public vehicles with their e-scooters
  • Professional scooter riders

People who have an unlimited budget