Moped Scooter Review: Piaggio Typhoon 50

Piaggio has been known to release some of the most exciting mopeds.

Typhoon 50 is their most hip model, and its latest revamp has bumped up its style and performance. 

The original model has always been sporty, but it had a bulky design. This update provided a new look for the moped, but it’s still easy to distinguish it from the lot. 

More than half a million units have been distributed worldwide, so it’s no surprise we’ve included it on our Best Moped Scooters in 2021 list.

Here are the specifications fresh from Piaggio’s website:

EngineSingle cylinder 4-stroke two valves
Engine Capacity49.44 cc 
Fuel Tank Capacity6.5 litres 
Cooling SystemForced Air
TransmissionCVT with torque server
StarterKickStart and Electric
TyresFront Tyres: Tubeless 130/80-12Rear Tyres: Tubeless 120/80-12
SuspensionFront Suspension: Hydraulic Telescopic ForkRear Suspension: Hydraulic Shock Absorber
BrakeFront Brake: 220 mm disc w/ hydraulic controlRear Brake: 140 mm drum

Piaggio Typhoon 50 Design 

Piaggio’s models have a remarkable look on them. Of course, Typhoon has a sharp front and attracts the young generation through its fun design, consisting of exciting graphics that give the moped some extra attitude.

The newer model has a very competitive design and stands out from the crowd. We dare say it’s been curated perfectly to grab the attention of its target market. 

The rugged design could easily cross over to obnoxious territory, but the details are carefully designed to make it hip and trendy. It has got integrated front blinkers and has a very sporty and fun appearance thanks to the black parts. 

One thing that we didn’t like, however, is that this sleekness didn’t make it all the way to the dashboard. It retained the plastic look of the original Typhoon model. 

Piaggio Typhoon 50 Features

The design is definitely one-of-a-kind and also very functional. It’s got a double headlight at the front, and the back consists of bars for passengers to grab on. It also has wide footrests you can tuck away neatly when not in use and a hook to hang bags on. Talk about convenience, right?

Moving onto the LCD. It’s got a pretty sleek one that helps you monitor your speed and fuel. Nothing fancy, as the gauge comes as a typical analogue clock, but it’s enough to get the job done. 

Typhoon’s seat comes with a nice finish and new material, but that’s not the best part. You can lift the seat up to unveil a storage space for your helmet (and whatever else you want). There’s also a USB port for charging your phone while you’re on the go. 

All in all, we’ll say Typhoon’s simple but edgy design shines through in every way. You can enjoy maximum comfort without compromising your style. You can choose from the following colour schemes: Nero Opaco (Black), Bianco Lucido (White), and Verde Metallizzato (Green).

Piaggio Typhoon 50 Performance

Compared to the old model, the new Typhoon 50 has twice to offer when it comes to power. It has 4-stroke motors.

It’s packed with rev power and has a top velocity of 40 mph. One drawback when it comes to its engine is that this carburated model drains fuel really fast. So, you might need to factor that in when you make a decision. 

But don’t be deceived by its simple design. There’s a reason why this model has never been phased out—it has a very reliable engine. 

You’d notice that this moped has a gold calliper out front. It’s not decorative, mind you. This dual-piston calliper with a 220 mm is the front disc brake, giving way to excellent braking performance. 

The brake on the rear end is just a standard 140 mm brake, but coupling it with the front brake is more than enough to fulfil the task at hand. 

Now, let’s talk about suspension. There aren’t a lot of moped scooters with thick tyres that come with enough suspension support. With this model, you won’t have any qualms about going on rough terrain. Generally speaking, it makes for a smoother ride on the road. This is thanks to Typhoon’s top-notch front and rear suspension. The front suspension consists of a hydraulic fork, and the rear features a shock absorber.

One well thought out detail is the addition of alloy rims to weigh down the wheel. This results in a better suspension feel even when riding in bumpy terrains.

Piaggio Typhoon 50 Storage

Typhoon 50 is marketing their storage space, but we think they’re overselling it a bit. However, we’re not going to deny the fact that it does have enough storage space to get the job done. We’ve mentioned earlier that the storage found under the seat can fit an average-sized helmet, but the fuel tank seated beside it eats up what could be more room for storage. 

When it comes to parking space, this bulky model tends to occupy more space than your average moped. But it’s still easier to park than a car!

Why We’re Recommending Piaggio Typhoon 50

Design-wise, we’re big fans of Typhoon 50, but it’s missing a lot of value for its price. It’s generally affordable, but there are cheaper options that pack more performance. Check out our list of Top Moped Models. 

The motor is also average at its best, but it still delivers an excellent performance. Unfortunately, you’ve got to consider recurring expenses because the engine drinks up fuel quickly. On the upside, the front and rear suspension guarantee a smooth ride. 

If you’re not going to store a lot of things, you’ll have no problem with the storage space. There’s also a tiny hook you can use creatively, like hang a bag of groceries or a small bag, perhaps.

Overall, Typhoon 50 is a good buy. It can compete very well in the market.