Moped Scooter Review: Peugeot Speedfight 4

Do you hate searching for a parking space whenever you travel?

If you’re fed up, worry not since a car isn’t the only option to take you to your destination. With a moped, you can avoid the hassle and stress of looking for a spot.

Speedfight 4 is a moped scooter manufactured by Peugeot. They started selling this version in 2016. Back then, it was the sportiest scooter available, known for its eccentric French engineering with a single-cylinder, four-stroke motor. Peugeot constantly hones its designs and make them more youthful. So, it’s little to no surprise we included it on our 2021 Best Moped Scooters List.

Peugeot Speedfight 4 Brief History

The first Peugeot Speedfight was invented in 1997 and successfully released a sports scooter with its smart motion style and sporty parameter. It was launched victoriously, and it set the standards on all scooters from then on. Peugeot sold over 600,000 of it for both 50, 100, and 125 ccs. 

On Peugeot’s 20th anniversary, they launched its fourth-generation version – the Speedfight 4. They took its design to the next level and improved its engines in both air or liquid two strokes and four stroke form). They also added a digital dash with a back-lit LCD, USB socket for smartphone charging. It has a big compartment for all your stuff. You can even put your helmet inside so that you won’t be hassled. In short, Speedfight’s fourth-generation offers everything that you might be looking for.

Peugeot Speedfight 4 Design

Peugeot Speedfight 4 has automatic gears, and it weighs 97 kg, 800 mm in height. It uses a maximum peak of 6.17 horsepower with a liquid cooling system. It also has a shaft drive transmission with the snakebite exhaust system.

The 50cc form scooter targets 16-year-old riders. Though it might not be the grandest for transport, it is considered better than most scooters in town. 

Its innovative features consist of USB port and phone dock, sports alloy wheels, sporty image, start engine safety feature, brakes, light signals, and an anti-theft feature.

It also has an LCD digital display that shows your beam lights, temperature, fuel gauge, kilometres, and speed. 

It’s always convenient to travel on a two-wheeled scooter bike. The added more comfort and features, including its ample luggage space. So, if you are the type of person who always likes to go out of town, this bike is perfect for you. 

You can put a full-face helmet and your other stuff in that compartment. It also comes with a small box below the LCD to hold your phone. Moreover, you won’t ever have to experience low phone battery since they designed it with a phone dock with a USB socket for smartphone charging that could bring more convenience while you travel.

Today, Peugeot focuses on upgrading its engine, making it racier and capable of reaching its maximum top speed. They released a water-cooled smart motion engine that gives it more power than what they released in 2014.

Peugeot Speedfight 4 Performance

Speedfight 4 offers no room for fear. It has been proven and refined with its well-grounded sensibility. You will not worry about your safety, and you can always travel at ease while staying cool and sporty looking. 

Speedfight 4 in 50cc sports form has a specific riding position. Peugeot’s bike is considered a small bike that you can manoeuvre around town quickly. It only has 97 kg dry weight and 13 inches of sports alloy wheels. It’s a one-step-thru scooter bike that will require no sweat to get you on board. Speedfight’s riding position brings you at ease and gives you complete control of your ride. 

This moped smashes what it ought to do. Even though it’s only 50cc and can only travel 30mph, which is restricted by the road law, it’s still good and reliable. Peugeot’s innovative engines have intelligent motion and are economical. 

Speedfight 4 only has a front brake with a single 215mm disc along with the twin-piston calliper. It also has a smaller one with a 190mm disc at the rear. Still, you have the guarantee that it can do its job effectively. 

It has a reliable performance ever compared to similar bikes with 13 inches wheels. As mentioned earlier, it has alloy wheels which makes it better. It might not be better than those bikes with 15 inches wheels, but you will get what you ought to have. With its specifications, lightweight, and handling traits, it won’t trouble you when you terrorize the town with this sports scooter. Aside from that, Peugeot’s fourth-generation form is budget-friendly but never compromising its style.

Peugeot Speedfight 4 Running Cost and Warranty

Speedfight 4 is a bit expensive when it comes to its gasoline consummation. It uses too much fuel. There might also be more times that it will regularly demand a tire change and brake pads. Like other manufacturers, Peugeot will continue to work and improve this model and develop newer versions to offer more satisfying specifications. 

Peugeot’s is always on the top rank when it comes to standard warranty. Compared to other motorcycle manufacturers, Peugeot’s offers a two-year warranty with unlimited mileage. They also got your back on manufacturer-backed and scooter parts. And on top of it, Peugeot’s offer complete labour service, which you can’t get on other brands. 

Why We’re Recommending the Peugeot Speedfight 4 Scooter 

If you aim to travel independently and desire to keep cool at your early age, Peugeot’s latest Speedfight 4 fits you well. With its sporty image, ample luggage space, smart motion engine, and USB port for your phone, you can travel at ease and enjoy the ride. It won’t hurt your budget to get one of them since it is much cheaper than the other brands. Your safety is 100% guaranteed with its simple servicing and ride position. Ride in good fun while maximizing its style and specifications.