The Most Expensive Scooters in the World

What are the most expensive scooters in the world? We have selected here some of the best in the market.

The cars and other transport means are transforming, taking up more speed at more costs. Well, the e-scooter wasn’t left behind after all. The e-scooter industry has been relentlessly working on providing the thrills that their customers desire.

However, these thrills come at a great cost. It would interest you to know that the most expensive scooters are also the fastest you would come across in the bike market. A review rating was done in the UK and the results showed that more expensive scooters had the best riding experience you could ever desire.

Several reasons make an electric scooter expensive, I highlighted three major reasons below:


Some scooters are equipped with high-grade technological features which include; top-notch suspensions, large battery size, large motors, ABS braking system, anti-theft fingerprint sensors among others. The cost of this added tech is what makes these scooters relatively more expensive than others.

Mode of Production

Some scooters are produced in massive quantities in the factory, while some others are handcrafted and produced in very few quantities. This makes them very priced as it would be great to own one of an exclusive limited model of e-scooters.

Build Material

The material used to build these expensive scooters are not cheap. Some of them are made from the strongest and purest form of metal to avoid rusting, some others are made of carbon fibre to reduce the weight and deliver maximally.

Below is a list of the most expensive electric scooters you would find in the bike market.

Rion2 RE90 Racing Edition

Rion2 RE90 Racing Edition

The most expensive electric scooter in the world is the Rion2 RE90. The total cost of purchasing one of these is about $7100 -$7400 which includes the shipping fee. It is also the fastest e-scooter in the world, with speeds upwards of 100mph (160km/h). The scooter has about 85% of its body structure built from carbon fibre and every piece of the scooter is handcrafted. It is equipped with two electric motors and has a total charge time of 1hr 45 minutes, thanks to its fast-charging capability.

Dualtron X

Dualtron X

All the scooters from the Dualtron company don’t come at a cheap price, this is because of the level of technology present in the scooters. Amid all Dualtron scooters, the most expensive is Dualtron X, which costs $6000. The Dualtron X features an anti-theft fingerprint sensor, the best suspension system in the bike market, an LCD that shows you how fast you’re travelling and how much power you have left. It has an external battery for only lightning, and two USB charging ports. It also doesn’t come behind in speed and range. You can be sure of a hitch-free ride on one of these.

Techlife X9

Techlife X9

The Techlife X9 is a very interesting scooter, what it lacks in features is made up for in speed and range. The $3600 worth scooter has its top speed above 60mph and can travel a range of 120km after one full charge. It is very good for off-road adventures as it can easily climb steep hills. Also, it has a large deck to provide the rider’s feet comfortable while travelling at high speeds.  

WePed GT

WePed GT 50e Electric Scooter

Coming closely behind the Techlife X9 is the Weped GT. The Weped GT priced at $3500 is all shades of comfort and luxury. It has a perfect balance of awesome features and long-lasting power. It can reach speeds of 72km/h and travel at a range of 75km after a full charge. The Weped GT also features an all-rounded swag lighting system, even the wheels have multicoloured lights which ensure you are noticed when travelling at night.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

Any list concerning the most expensive bikes would be incomplete without the Kaabo Wolf Warrior. Priced at $3200 the Kaabo wolf is a beast not only on the road but also off the road. Equipped with 11 inches tubeless tires, a very rigid frame, and dual hydraulic shock absorbers, no terrain would be difficult for the scooter. Also, the Wolf Warrior has its top speed 50 mph and a range of 70 miles.  

Many others have not been included in this list, you can check our scooters for sale for more information. It is also important you obey the law concerning e-scooters in your state when considering any of these monsters.