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​Top 5 Best Rated Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooters UK

Top 5 lightweight folding mobility scooters to make your live more comfortable.

A mobility scooter will most likely make your life easier, whether you are disabled, you have difficulty walking due to an injury or you are simply overweight. However, available space is often a problem for those who require such scooters.

Luckily, you can now find foldable scooters that can be easily stored in small flats or houses too. Some lightweight folding mobility scooters UK are better rated than others, so it pays off taking your time to do a bit of research.

Here are the best options on the market based on buyers’ reviews and recommendations..

Top 5 Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooters

Vive Mobility Scooter

Vive has designed one of the most cost efficient lightweight folding mobility scooters UK if you are after value for money. It is inexpensive for this range and comes in three different color combinations.

The scooter has three wheels and can take up to 265 pounds in weight. It has a maximum speed of 3.7MPH and can do 12.4 miles per charge. It has a 16.9 inch seat and comfortable padding.

The scooter can be disassembled into four parts. It also folds and can have the seat removed. Simply put, transporting it by car is fairly simple, not to mention storage.


  • Good driving distance for a charge
  • Cushioned seat and backrest for comfort
  • Padded armrests
  • Tight turning radius on the wheels


  • Limited space for your legs

TravelScoot Mobility Scooter

TravelScoot’s mobility scooter is basic and lightweight. It has an aerated design and weighs not more than 35 pounds altogether. There are no bells and whistles.

It can reach 4.5MPH and can successfully take on an incline of up to 15 degrees. The range varies based on your weight – anywhere between 13 and 15 miles.

The steering column is adjustable, as well as the seat and backrest. A storage bag and seat spacers are included in the package. It can take over 350 pounds in weight.


  • Aerated and simplistic design
  • Can take 350 pounds plus luggage
  • Good driving distance
  • Good maximum speed


  • Not the best balance due to its aerated design

EV Rider Mobility Scooter

With just 42 pounds in weight and a stable and wide design, this scooter is extremely well balanced and can be folded without too much hassle at all – ideal for traveling.

The turning radius is pretty tight, so you can maneuver the scooter in narrow places without too much hassle. You have padded seating and lumbar support.

Controls are simple and the scooter can reach 3.8MPG and a driving range of 10 miles. A bit of adjustability makes it pretty flexible too.


  • Feels comfortable when driven
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Can fit into the boot
  • Tight turning radius


  • Backrest could have been taller

Solax Mobility Scooter

This is one of the best lightweight folding mobility scooters UK if you want a good weight capacity and convenient features. It is airline approved and has a maximum speed of 4MPH.

The scooter can take 300 pounds in weight. It folds and unfolds with a button only. When fully charged, it can go for about 10 miles.

Height can be fully adjusted for comfort. On the same note, the backrest and seat are heavily padded, not to mention the armrests.


  • Takes seconds to fold and unfold
  • Easy to transport
  • Good weight capacity
  • Good driving range


  • Not the best option if you drive on grass a lot

EV Rider Mobility Scooter

This scooter comes in four different color combinations and features a wide base for extra stability when driven. It only weighs 44 pounds.

The battery can provide up to 10MPH in the driving range. There are dual wheels in the front for more balance and can be folded and unfolded in no time.

The scooter is easy to operate, has padded seating and adjustable height. It comes with a few safety features for your protection too. As an interesting fact It’s a popular mobility scooter in Singapore.


  • Will never accidentally start folding while in use due to its safety measures
  • Good driving range
  • Super stable
  • Easy to control


  • Backrest is not too high


Bottom line, browsing the best rated lightweight folding mobility scooters UK will give you a good idea about what to expect. While many scooters are relatively similar in features and capabilities, small details tend to make the difference. Make sure they can match your personal needs and you should have no problems.