How Fast Do 50cc and 125cc Scooters Go?

How fast the 50cc and the 125cc scooters can travel both on the road and off the road.

If you’ve seen how fast the Kawasaki ninja’s, the Honda CBR 1000’s, and the BMW SPORTS series bikes which are upward of 700cc can travel, I am sure you’d be wondering how fast your small looking scooter can travel.

I’d be discussing in this article how fast the 50cc and the 125cc scooters can travel both on the road and off the road. The “cc” is cubic centimetres and it is used to describe the bikes engine capacity.

50cc Moped scooters

The 50cc moped scooters have, arguably, the smallest engine compared to other road vehicles. Nevertheless, they are not deterred from performing excellently on the road. The top speed of most 50cc scooters is usually set to 30mph (48km/h) from their production line. Although, while some manufacturers stick religiously to the 30mph mark, some allow their scooters to reach the 40mph (64km/h) mark. It is, however, advisable to know what your country/state law says concerning 50cc scooter speed limits before venturing out to prove your scooter’s top speed, else, you would earn yourself a speeding ticket or fine. The 50cc scooters are not allowed on motorways.

The performance of the 50cc moped scooter varies in different terrains. While on the road, you could reach about 30mph, off the road, you could barely reach the 25mph (40km/h) mark. The terrain variation is also an important factor to consider when discussing how fast your 50cc moped scooter can go.

After having considered how fast the 50cc scooter can go, let’s see some options to choose from.

Vespa Primavera 50

One of the oldest scooter manufacturers, Enrico Piaggio of Italy, designed the first Vespa model. Over time, the Vespa has transformed into what we now have. In the 50cc scooter category, the Vespa primavera is an excellent option when selecting a 50cc scooter. Its four-stroke cylinder engine is sure to appease your speed desire.

Yamaha Aerox 4

Yamaha just never lets its customers down. The manufacturer produces both the Speed Monsters and also the gentle rockers. The Aerox which was recently re-introduced into the scooter market now comes with its four-stroke cylinder engine and some mouth-watering high techs, though, not at a low-cost. 

Piaggio Typhoon 50

Even with its 2-stroke cylinder, the Piaggio Typhoon stands tall amidst the 50cc scooters. Its robust build and assurance of stability make it a good choice for first-time riders.

50cc Panther Moped

The panther faced scooter is sure to cause eyes to stare in your direction when you hit the road. The 50cc panther scooter has aerodynamic sports styling and also consumes fuel economically.

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125cc Moped Scooter

125cc scooters have a larger engine capacity than the 50cc scooters. With speeds ranging from 55mph-75mph (88km/h – 120km/h), the 125cc scooters are unrestricted to A-roads and motorways. The additional power makes the 125cc an amazing choice for anyone who is looking to change to a higher category from the 50cc scooters. Several 125cc scooters also usually come with different gear selection which makes them perform excellently both on the road and on various terrains. The 125cc scooter is not an option for anyone below 17 years of age.

Yamaha X-MAX 125

The remodelled version of the x-max 125 looks like one of the machines in the Transformer movie. It has amazing traction control, good storage space, and easy handling. Enabled with the latest tech, this is a good option when changing from 50cc to 125cc. 

Suzuki Address 110

Suzuki Address 110 is a very economical scooter with low seats to suit different riders. It is super light, therefore making its handling easy. It comes with a four-stroke cylinder engine that gives you speeds of 105km/h on average.

Lexmoto Diablo

The Lexmoto Diablo is one of the bikes, although with a single-cylinder, yet produces the power of three 50cc scooters combined. It is indeed a very powerful and cheap scooter.

Having discussed all these, I hope you are convinced that your scooter, either 50cc or 125cc can indeed travel at some very interesting speeds. You can visit for more information related to the moped scooter.