How Do E-scooters Charge

Everything you need to know about charging an electric scooter

E-scooters are actually getting popular nowadays. This is because they are super-efficient and very easy to use. So you’ll find a lot of them in the cities. You might think that it is pretty awkward to use it for the first time before but now everything has changed. People are jumping unto the bandwagon because of their popularity.

This is because they realized that e-scooters are stylish and portable. The only thing that makes them hold back is the lack of knowledge about e-scooters. Mostly, it is all because they do not know how do e-scooters charge. It might be a simple topic but can be detrimental to the overall user-experience of the rider.

E-scooters technically run on batteries that are mostly made of lithium ions. This is because Lithium-ions (Li-Ion) contain a lot of cells inside them technically 18,650 to be exact.

E-scooters actually almost have the same mechanisms that the normal e-scooters have. The only difference is that they run using an electric motor that is run with the use of batteries compared to using gasoline as their fuel.

How long does an e-scooter battery last?

What happens is that you’ll need a full charge to fully-utilise the e-scooter. Most of them can last for about 30 kilometers on a single charge but more premium e-scooters can last more than that. The e-scooter comes along with a fresh battery and charger once you buy them.

How do you charge an electric scooter battery?

You just need to plug the charger on an electrical outlet with the right voltage. Depending on your country there are two voltages that you can come across namely 220v and 110v. So you must know the voltage of your country and the specs of the e-scooter to ensure that there will be no conflicts. One mistake can be a big thing when it comes to voltages.

Usually charging takes only a few hours and you can enjoy a decent runtime after that. When you are new in riding e-scooters, it is pretty normal that sometimes you forget that you are already running out of batteries. This could be a problem if you prefer to do long-distance rides. Although e-scooters are specifically built for city riding, there are times that we would want to take something to the next level. So what normally e-scooter riders do is to take it for a long ride. Just be sure that you know the specifics of the ride that you will undertake such as the number of kilometers that you must undertake back and forth.

Before you buy one you can check out the rules and regulations about e-scooter use here in the UK. You always want to know the legalities first before you spend your money on buying one. If you have a kid and would want to give them an electric scooter as a gift, check out this article first about the age restriction.

Some Useful Tips when charging your E-scooter

It is a standard operating procedure to check the battery indicator of your e-scooter if the power is getting low already. You must be aware of the following facts to get the most out of your e-scooter when it comes to efficiency:

  • Do not overcharge: Check the manual for the possible charging time that your e-scooter needs. This will prevent you from damaging the battery cells which will result in the longer lifespan of the batteries.
  • Do not charge when your e-scooter is wet: This is self-explanatory. It is because electronics and liquids particularly water does not go along well together. You do not want any kind of short circuits that can damage not only the charger and battery but the e-scooter as a whole itself.


We now know that e-scooters have an electric motor with a lithium-ion battery that gets its power when you charge it on your electrical outlet. There is no reason at all not to have it. It is one of the most efficient modes of transportation right now which is truly a value for your money. The fun that it can give you while riding it is amazing. Although it is not as fast as a car or motorcycle, the experience that it can give you such as strolling the road gently to see the beautiful views of your surroundings is priceless.