Folding Scooter for Adults

Folding electric scooters are very convenient to commute to work and easily storage them in your office or at home. They come in three main categories; Seated, Light, and Compact. Check here our full review.

Technology is rapidly advancing, even also the other various means of transportation. Guess what, the scooter is not left behind. The scooter since its first appearance in 2000 has undergone different evolutions. I remember my first scooter, a kick-scooter, I used it to transport myself from school instead of taking the school bus, it was really fun to own one back then. 

Now, we have battery-powered scooters called the electric scooters. E-scooters have come at such a time when everyone is seeking an alternative means of transportation. If you dread using your car for short journeys or spending long hours in traffic, you really should consider buying an e-scooter.

The e-scooters have now been further re-engineered to become foldable. You can easily fold it up, carry it around, and carefully tuck it away in a corner, or under your work desk when it is not in use.

The foldable e-scooters come in three main categories; Seated, Light, and Compact.

I have taken the time to search out e-scooters in these different categories.

Seated e-scooters

In the seated category, you’d find the e-scooters that are foldable and also have been equipped with seats. I believe it would interest you to know how a scooter with a seat is folded. I will discuss the most popular three recommended for adults.

Chaos 48 Volt 1000W

The chaos 48v seated bike can be described as a road monster. At one charge you could travel up to 40km at regular speeds. One amazing feature of this bike is its shock absorption system, it was designed to reduce discomfort as much as possible. The Chaos e-scooter can also be used for off-road journeys and adventures. 

SwagCycle Pro

The swagcycle pro is a specially designed e-scooter not only is it a comfortable runabout scooter, but it is also equipped with a USB charging port which you could use to charge your phone on the run. It also has battery indicators so you can easily check the battery percentage.


Talk about the perfect city ride. The Xulong e-scooter can travel for up to 70km after a full charge. The seats can be adjusted to suit the height of the rider. With an average weight of 18kg, the Xulong e-scooter could be easily folded up within 5 seconds – what a time saving, stressless e-scooter. 

Compact e-scooters

I would like to describe compact as those e-scooters with a slim build. In this compact category, I have handpicked three popular e-scooters for you.

Razor E Prime 

The Razor E Prime is a beautifully designed, foldable, and compact e-scooter. It has a very small but agile build. One very attractive feature of this bike is its fast charge ability, it can charge from zero to fully charged within 2hours.

Gotrax Gxl

The Gotrax Gxl is a kingly looking e-scooter, even with its small stature it is a king in its category. You can be assured of a smooth ride when you’re on any of these.

Hover-1 Eagle

It is hardly believable that scooters have cruise control, well the Hover-1 is one of those many. With its very small and sturdy frame, the e scooter can be folded with just one click.

Light e-scooters

The light category contains extremely light and foldable e-scooters for adults.

Segway Ninebot Es4

Segway Ninebot is a sleek, lightweight e-scooter. It has airless tires that eliminate the fear of a punctured tire. The e-scooter has a digital interface system that helps you seamlessly connect to your bike. The interface could also be used to secure your scooter to prevent it from theft.

Swagtron Swagger

Talk about extremely light, the Swagtron swagger weighs only 15lbs (6kg). With its lightweight, it still has some awesome features including its front-wheel suspension that makes road bumps jealous.

Gotrax Glider

The features of the gotrax glider seem to be inexhaustible. It comes at a very cheap price with a weight of 20 lbs (8kg). The acceleration is on point, the charge time is remarkable and the most amazing feature is its water-resistant feature which makes travelling in the rain interesting and safe.

If you are making plans to buy an e-scooter, you can consider any of the foldable e-scooters options that suit your needs.