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Electric scooters are superb machines for many reasons; for those who desire to add some fun and extra sport to how they commute to their destinations, scooters are just perfect for that. I like to describe them as fun-on-the-go. Electric scooters are the top-drawer type of scooters. In addition to the fun you get riding them, you should also know that they are very friendly to the environment; for environmental enthusiasts, saving the planet is even more fun! For the newbies, and the gentle, electric scooters give a smoother experience than the gas types since they are driven by an electric motor, and you don’t have to push forward with your foot to start.

Electric scooters – User Guide

If you are looking to buy an electric scooter for yourself or someone else, you should know a few things. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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Electric Scooter for Adults

There are electric scooters for adults and also for children. Electric scooters for adults differ from those for children in so many ways: they have higher motor power, deck, bigger battery capacity, taller stem, and a larger weight capacity. Also, e-scooter for adults cost more than those for children.

Electric scooter for children 

Electric scooters for kids are smaller than that of adults in every way. They have a smaller battery capacity, smaller deck, lighter, and a moderately tall stem. They are also less expensive relative to an adult scooter.

You must note that age is not the criterion for choosing which electric scooter to buy between the adults and children types; it is based on body size. A teen with a large body size should get an adult electric scooter as the child’s type may be too small or not strong enough to carry his body weight.

You must note that age is not the criterion for choosing which electric scooter to buy between the adults and children types; it is based on body size.

A teen with a large body size should get an adult electric scooter as the child’s type may be too small or not strong enough to carry his body weight.


Electric scooters with seat

Electric scooters with seats are designed to make riding more comfortable, especially for people who can’t stand for long. Seated electric scooters are uncommon. However, electric scooters without seats have the option of seat attachment. You could buy the seat accessory as an add-on to your scooter.

One of the remarkable things about electric scooter is the foldability, making it portable to carry about and practical to store in limited space.

However, most electric scooters with seats are not foldable. So, your choice on which to buy depends on your preference between foldability and comfort. It is not like electric scooters without seats are not comfortable at all, but you are always more comfortable sitting than standing, for most people anyway.

Why buy an electric scooter?

Electric scooters are becoming very common as a reasonable means of transportation, especially for short distances. Their compact sizes have made it easy to handle during traffic congestion. Electric scooters are easy to learn and also budget-friendly. Your budget determines the grade of scooter you would normally get.

Is an Electric scooter worth buying?

If you love spending time outside and love the view of nature, then an electric scooter is ideal for you. You could cruise on your scooter with ease while basking in the wind and soaking in the great views of your environment.

Unlike the kick-type scooters, where you have to exert energy to move them, the electric motor in an electric scooter provides the necessary power to move the scooter.

It is also a fast means of commuting, especially for people staying in cities with regular traffic congestion because their small sizes make it easy to maneuver through traffic.

Parts of an Electric Scooter

Electric scooters don’t have a sophisticated framework, but they have a few parts: the controller, battery, deck, brakes, handlebars, light, motor, stem, tires and suspension.   


The controllers, just as the name implies, control various parts of the scooter. They are the brains of electric scooters. They transmit inputs from the rider as an electric signal to the appropriate parts of the scooter.

For instance, the speed knob controls the scooter’s speed by adjusting the current flowing from the scooter battery to the electric motor. The higher the current directed to the electric motor, the higher the momentum generated.

A standard electric scooter with a powerful motor will have controllers with high voltage and current ratings.


The fuel in car and bike provides the necessary energy to drive them. The battery is the fuel of an electric scooter and also the source of electrical energy consumed by various parts of the scooters. Most electric scooters have their battery built into the deck.

The capacity of a battery is measured in watt-hours, shortened as Wh. It is the amount of power the battery can deliver. The battery capacity determines the duration the electric scooter can go before needing charging again. 

An average quality electric scooter has a battery capacity of around 250 watt-hours, while standard ones have up to 3,000 watt-hours.

There are different types of batteries for electric scooters.  Standard electric scooters have lithium- battery cells, while others have Lead-acid battery cell.


The deck is the board in between the wheels where you stand while riding your scooter.

Like skateboards, electric scooters’ decks are built with a surface to improve the friction between your skate shoes and the scooter.

The size of each scooter deck varies and is dependent on the size of the electric scooter.


The handlebars are the principal connection to various parts of the scooter. The power button, the accelerator button and brakes are all attached to the handlebars.

The primary function of the handlebar is to direct the electric scooter while riding it. Most electric scooters have foldable handlebars for easy mobility.


All electric scooters have at least one electric motor hub built into their wheels, but the standard one always has two electric motors on both wheels.

The electric motor is the critical component of an electric scooter that makes it move. It covert the electrical energy from the battery into kinetic energy for movement.

An electric motor’s quality is rated based on power consumption, and it is measured in watts. How fast an electric scooter could go is dependent on the power of the electric motor.

Electric scooters for children have an average motor power of 150 watts, medium adult scooters have 300 watts, while super electric scooters have an average dual motor power of 1000 watts.


The stem is the hollow metal that connects the front wheel to the handlebars.

For foldable electric scooters, the folding mechanism is at the joint between the front wheel and the stem.  

Foldability may sound incredible, but it has a downside; the stem stability is usually affected if the folding joint is loose – this problem is called stem wobble –.


The suspension in electric scooter has the same working principle as that in cars and bikes. It is a shock absorber and reduces the scooter’s vibration when ridden over bumps or on bad roads.

There are different types of suspension systems found in electric scooters. The common ones include spring, air piston and rubber suspension. Nevertheless, an electric scooter with big pneumatic tires is a better form of suspension, and it gives a smoother ride than a scooter with suspension.


The tires connect the scooter to the road, and they largely affect the quality of the ride.

Two types of tires are common to electric scooters; solid(airless) and pneumatic tires. Both tires have merit over each other. The solid tires are perfect for harsh environments, while the pneumatic tires are not. The pneumatic tires improve the quality of the ride, i.e., they make the ride more comfortable.


Brakes are essential in all rides. They help to reduce the speed or bring the electric scooter to a halt.

There are two types of braking systems associated with electric scooters: mechanical and electronic systems.

In an electronic braking system, the brake is integrated with the electric motor, and it includes a regenerative braking system. While the mechanical braking system is based on physical operations to slow down or bring the scooter to a stop. The different types are the disc, drum and foot brakes.

Mechanical braking systems are more effective than electronic braking system. However, the electronic braking system is easier to use because it doesn’t require regular maintenance and adjustment.   

Factors that determine the quality of your ride on Electric scooters

Though some of these factors have been implicitly stated above, they are:

  • Suspension: This is optional if the tires are large
  • Speed: The scooter’s speed depends on the electric motor power and the rider’s weight.
  • Tire type: consider the roads around you to know the kind of tire that would be best to use.
  • Brakes: typical electric scooters have one brake, while standard electric scooters have two brakes for both wheels. I would recommend you go for an electric scooter with two braking systems, for better safety.  

Battery capacity: The mileage of an electric scooter is dependent on two things: the power of the electric motor and the battery capacity. The battery capacity determines how long you can ride your electric scooter. 

Are Electric Scooter the future of transportation

It is unacceptable to say electric scooter is the answer or future of transportation because there are limitations to things you could do with an electric scooter. An electric scooter is a single-person ride, and it has weight limitations.

However, with the tremendous growth rate in electric scooter usage and market size, it is somewhat accurate to say electric scooter is a bright prospect in commuting and is already an effective means of traveling short distances.

Recently, efforts and resources have been directed towards reducing the amount of toxic substances from vehicle exhaust to a bare minimum. And with milestones achieved in battery development and electric cars, bikes and scooters, it is very convenient and promising to say electric means are the future of transportation and the messiah in reducing the emission of toxic substances from car and bike exhaust.

Things that make electric scooters so good

Electric scooters are becoming an efficient method of traveling short distance journeys, especially in congested cities, to ease mobility. They are convenient to use relative to other ways of commuting. 

To provide electric scooters with terrain options, manufacturers are now building heavier electric scooters. But your choice still depends on your reasons for buying. Aside from being convenient to use and portable, electric scooters are also a great way of having fun.

Some of the many reasons why electric scooter is excellent commuting machine are listed out below:


Unlike other methods of mobility, electric scooters are effortless to handle due to their compact sizes.

Most electric scooters are lightweight and foldable. Which means you could easily keep them in your closet and won’t take up much space. However, off-road electric scooters are a bit bigger and not foldable. 

Reduces expenses on transportation

For people that go out often, electric scooters can help lessen the amount spent on transportation. The additional cost of charging the scooter is cheaper than the fuel cost. Maintenance costs are low as well.

Maintenance cost

Compared to cars and bikes, electric scooters are easier to maintain.

Electric scooters are made from durable material. Thus, you don’t have to be so concerned about how to maintain them. They rarely become defective if carefully used, and when faulty, they are inexpensive to repair. The parts of an electric scooter are quite affordable.

Lightweight electric scooters have a simple framework, and it is easy to open up their parts. Hence, you could repair it yourself through the guidance of the scooter manual. And when dirty, it doesn’t take much time to clean up.

Environmentally friendly 

The public benefit of electric scooters is that they are eco-friendly. 

Air pollution has been a big issue for the environment. As a matter of fact, many cars and bike manufacturers are modifying their engine systems to reduce the emission of harmful substances emitted by fuel-consuming bikes and vehicles.

There is no combustion in an electric scooter’s engine. Therefore, it produces no smoke, leading to increased air quality and healthier life. 

Utilizing electric scooters for your transportation process is a step in the right direction in reducing the level of air pollution.

It saves time

People who stay in busy cities would readily agree that electric scooters save time for short-distance journeys. It is not as if electric scooters are faster than cars or bikes. But their small sizes made it easy to escape any level of traffic congestion.

With an electric scooter, you could comfortably take an alternative route shorter than the one you usually take and save time as a result.

For recreation

Riding an electric scooter is exciting. If you are an outdoorsy kind of person, then an electric scooter would be a great asset for you. You could go on road trips with your pals. Just ensure to get an electric scooter that is best suited for you. For instance, if you can’t stand for long, get an electric scooter with a seat.

 Weight Capacity

Before making your final decision on the electric scooter to get, it is essential you know your body weight because electric scooters have weight limits. The model type and the structure determines the weight of the scooter.

So, when getting an electric scooter, go for the one with a weight limit higher than your body weight. Purchasing an electric scooter with a weight limit lower than your body weight would drastically reduce the scooter’s lifespan and efficiency.    

Safety Gear for Electric Scooters 

According to EurakaAlert,” The number of scooter-related injuries and hospital admission in the United States grew by 222 percent between 2014 and 2018 to more than 39 000 injuries “. A journal published by Austin Public Health on Dockless Electric scooter-related Injuries Study states that “33% of scooters injuries are from first-time riders”.

Therefore, you should consider your safety when purchasing an electric scooter, especially if you are inexperienced in rides like bicycles and bikes. Ensure you buy safety gear together with your electric scooter, not as an afterthought.

While riding a scooter, your body is totally exposed to the environment. Therefore, always wear your safety gear to prevent or reduce the intensity of injuries in case of any mishap. Remember, accidents are terrible, nobody wishes for them, but they happen anyway.  

The primary safety gear includes helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads. The helmet is the most imperative of all safety gear. It protects the head, which is the housing for the brain.

Safety checks

 Make safety checks a routine activity. It should be carried out before riding to avoid the possibility of getting malfunctions while driving. The following is a safety routine checklist.

  • Check the level of the battery
  • Check if the brakes are in perfect condition
  • Look out for loose screws and tighten them, especially at the joint between the stem and front wheel, for foldable electric scooters.

The legal requirements for riding an electric scooter depends on your city. Therefore, make an inquiry about the legal condition and laws for riding these machines in your locality.

 For the UK, check out the licenses requirement and laws for mopeds and motorcycles.

Electric scooter vs Electric Moped

There have been some misconceptions about an electric scooter and an electric moped. Most people think an electric scooter is similar to an electric moped. However, the table below shows the differences between these two machines

CharacteristicsElectric scooterElectric moped
DefinitionCould be two, three or four-wheeledTwo-wheeled
ChassisAll scooters are step-throughCould be step-through or step-over
Engine sizeMaximum of 250ccMaximum of 50cc
speedDepends on engine sizeMaximum of 30mph
Ability to ride on highwaysFor an electric scooter with a low rated electric motor, it is not advisable. However, it is appropriate for a standard electric motor with a powerful electric motor.No
Wheel sizeMost electric scooters have a small wheelElectric mopeds have a big wheel
Means of movement The electric motor supplies all the power to move the scooter. You could either move it by pedaling or using the electric motor.
Terrain optionsMost electric scooters are not suited for off-road rides.An electric moped can be ridden on and off-road
PortabilityElectric scooters are portableElectric mopeds are not portable
Weight limityesNo
SeatNot allall

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