Direct Bikes 50 cc Retro Scooter

¡Ahh! The seventies…

That was a fun decade, wasn’t it?

This retro 50CC model was built for nostalgia… And functionality, of course. But the minute you lay your eyes on this beauty, you’ll be transported back to the most fun decade ever. Quite frankly, we find that exciting.

Granted kids these days aren’t able to see and experience the 70s, but who doesn’t know about it? It gave birth to one of the greatest movie franchises of all time–Star Wars, and probably the most recurring fashion item there is–the bell-bottom pants.

A year that embodies these classics will always be in anyone’s book, regardless of age. But we’ll stop glorifying the 70s now, we just wanted to highlight theeeling you’d get when riding this beauty of a moped, which is one of the reasons it’s on our list of best moped scooters.

Time to get technical and talk specs:

EngineSingle Cylinder Four Stroke
Top Speed30 Mph
Max. Load Mass155 kg
Overall size (l x w x h)1620 mm x 630 mm x 1040 mm
TyresFront: 3.00-10Rear: 3.00-10
Brake ModeFront: DISCRear: Drum
Brake Operation ModeFront and Rear: By hand
Engine CoolingForced Air Cooling
Started SystemElectric Starter/ Kickstarter
Fuel Capacity5. 4 L

Direct Bikes’ Retro Scooter Design and Extra Features

So we’ve mentioned how this scooter screams 70s, hence the name “retro”. But aside from this overarching design, it also has aerodynamic sports styling like all Direct Bikes models. 

What makes it different from the rest is its eye-catching flair, and it comes with an abundant choice of colours: black, light blue, red, cream, pink, grey, and black and white. 

Consistent with the brand, you’d also have to install the left and right mirrors, but it’s nothing worth stressing over. In just a few minutes, you’d be able to secure both with no problem. The manufacturer has made sure you’ve got everything you need to make the installation process seamless. 

Aside from the mirrors, you’d also have to fit both the battery and top box (free accessory). Again, both of these steps are hassle-free, but you need to be a bit more careful when it comes to the battery installation bit. The manual states clearly that you need to turn the scooter off. This is to prevent any mishaps.

We like this model because it has all the indicators and warning lights in one place—the meter panel. In one glance, you can see the speedometer, high beam indicator, turn right/left signal lights, fuel meter gauge, and mileometer. This accessibility makes for convenient cruising in town. 

FYI: The maximum fuel capacity is 5.4 litres, but including the reserved fuel, the scooter can carry 6 litres in total.

Direct Bikes’ Retro Scooter Performance

This scooter, much like other Direct Bikes’ models, have a kickstarter and electric starter system. When jumpstarting the vehicle, you’ve got two options:

  • First, insert the key into the ignition, moving it clockwise. The ignition lights will turn on if you do this correctly, making this part even more fool-proof. While holding the rear brake, press the ignition button for 5 seconds or so. This will wake up the engine, preparing you for a fun ride.
  • Another way is to utilize the manual kick start found on engine’s left side. Press the kick-start pedal with your foot, but don’t do it hurriedly. Stop when you feel the resistance. That’s the signal you’re waiting for to release it and wait for it to reach the top. It sounds a bit complicated when written down, but this process lasts no longer than 10 seconds.

Now that you’re on your way to smoothly riding around town and avoiding traffic, let’s talk about the riding experience with this vehicle. 

Easy-to-use design made driving flow smoother, even for newbies. You can quickly sort out the controls. Plus the fact that the dashboard contains the necessary meters and gauges, you can practice safety on the road.

But going back to the controls, we want to paint you a more vivid picture of how handy their locations are and how swiftly you can navigate your way through. On your right, you’d see light switches, starter, and throttle front brake. On the other hand, the left-hand controls consist of rear brakes, beans, horn switch, and indicators.

Coming to a complete stop or slowing down, you gently lift your foot off the fit well or release the throttle while applying the brakes.

Easy, right? But it takes some getting used to because the vehicle isn’t as automated as most kids would like. You’d also need to get off the road during cold weather. In fact, you must take proper care of your scooter during this time. We’ll talk more about this in the maintenance section.

Direct Bikes’ Retro Scooter Maintenance and Storage

Any new scooter should have a running period, and Direct Bikes has done a swell job reminding new users to conduct it (even going as far as giving them clear instructions). 

Like all mopeds, it’s easy to park the Retro scooter. However, you need to take necessary precautions when leaving it unused for a long period, such as draining the fuel, disconnecting the batter, and elevating the wheels. 

When cleaning the vehicle, you don’t need a cleaning solution. Just warm water with soap and sponge can free your vehicle of the gunk and elements that speed up erosion. 

Why We’re Recommending Direct Bikes’ Retro Scooter 

Why not? We love this Retro Scooters’s unique design, and the price tag is very affordable. 

Most Direct Bikes mopeds are similar in terms of performance, but they differ in design, both functional and aesthetic purposes. It’s one of the more expensive Direct Bikes models, but it’s still more cost-effective than most.