Best Motorcycle Trackers in the Market

Check the best trackers in the market that you could use to secure your motorcycles.

With the rapidly increasing number of theft cases, there’s nothing that can not be stolen these days, from our devices to our vehicles. Even our bikes are not safe anymore. Thanks to GPS technology, we can now track these devices. 

A distant friend of mine told me about how her car was hijacked in a rouge neighbourhood. She filed the case with the local police and it seemed as though there was nothing they could do about it. After some weeks of rigorous searching, she eventually found it in very bad shape. The good news is that it was recovered after all. 

GPS technology has truly helped to redefine the safety of our belongings in the form of trackers. Trackers are a very reliable means of searching for our lost or stolen properties. Some of our properties are more prone to theft than some others. Motorcycles are very vulnerable because unlike cars, they are not secured by doors and anti-theft alarms. Now, we have trackers that we can use to track them in any case of theft.

In this article, I would like to outline the best trackers in the market that you could use to secure your motorcycles.

Spy Tec Sti GL300 GPS Tracker

The Spy Tec tracker is one of the best for motorcycles in the market. It is portable which makes it fit into just about anywhere. It uses the internet and google map to provide you with real-time data concerning the location of your motorcycle. It can also be used to store information concerning the journeys made in the day.

Spot Trace Orange Small

The spot trace tracker is very small in size and weight. It has some very interesting features such as its vibration sensor which alerts you of the tiniest movement of your motorcycle. It can also be enabled to send you the location fo your motorcycle daily. It is one of the most affordable trackers in the market.

Optimus Tracker

Optimus tracker is one of the most popular trackers in the market. If you desire a tracker that would give you the street view of the location of your motorcycle, this is a great option. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android apps for fast-tracking purposes. The Optimus tracker has a life span of two weeks before you need to recharge it.

Armcrest AM-GL300 V3 Tracker

The Armcrest tracker is a very small and portable tracker that can fit into your palm. Some of its excellent mapping services include hybrid, map, and satellite views. The armcrest tracker has a  battery life of 10-14 days after a full recharge. One other significant feature of the Armcrest is its geofencing that ensures your motorcycle doesn’t exceed a specified boundary.

Linxup LAAA31 GPS Tracker Device

The Linxup is not only a tracker but also a maintenance device. With Linxup GPS tracker, you wouldn’t encounter any issue searching out the location of your motorcycle, it also has the geofencing feature. With the Linxup, you can monitor the well-being of your motorcycle. The Linxup also sends alerts every 10 minutes to ensure you are always informed of the location of your motorcycle. 

TrackmateGPS Mini 3G Tracker

The TrackmateGPS is dustproof and water-resistant. Its small nature makes it an easily concealed tracking device. Among the interesting features of the TrackmateGPS is its data storing and monitoring. It can provide you with the digital map of your journey within a year. It also has some amazing features for securing your vehicle fleet. The subscription of the TrackmateGPS is one of the cheapest you would find in the market today.

TK-STAR Hidden Vehicle GPS Tracker

There are very few trackers that offer you free real-time information about the location of your motorcycles. It has geofencing which helps you set limits for your motorcycle. It is worthy of note that the tracker, although small, has a battery life of 3 weeks. The TK-STAR tracker doesn’t need any form of subscription before full operation.

The above-listed trackers are not exclusively for motorcycles alone, they could also be used to secure your other valuables. I want you to decide to keep your motorcycle secure from thieves by using any of the trackers listed above. You can check out some of our motorcycles that are available for sale at