2021 Best Moped Scooters List

Riding with the wind in your face, without a trace of fear of the high traffic ahead.

That’s what the best Moped Scooters provide. You can easily cut through the congestion, so there’s no pressure to gobble up your morning bagel and chug down your cup of coffee just to beat the morning rush. 

Not to mention, Mopeds are fun to ride around.

These scooters help build road confidence, thanks to their beginner-friendly features. This means they’re not only for adults. They’re perfect for younger riders, as well. A Moped is for the entire family, really. 

If you want to learn more about mopeds and the advantages of owning one, here’s a more in-depth article. But for now, we know you’re here to pick our brains about the top 5 best moped scooters in 2021:

Direct Bikes Model DB50QT-11

This 50cc Scooter is considered the No.1 Selling Scooter in the UK, so how can we leave it off our list? While there isn’t much noise about it online, you can’t doubt its performance. The features allow the Scooter to sell itself. 

It’s got a 4-stroke engine to provide the user with a smooth performance. Cruising around has never been easier. Powering it up is as simple as twisting a knob; even a 12-year old can manage it.

Environmentalists will also love its economical fuel consumption. Generally speaking, scooters already are kind to Mother Nature, but this additional feature makes it much more endearing to eco-friendly folks. 

It comes in three lively colours: blue, black, and grey. These classic shades won’t fail you. The design is very basic and straightforward because it’s made to be functional.

The best part is that it arrives at your doorstep, almost ready to ride. You’re only left to do some minor attachments, but it’s pretty much set. It also comes with free accessories.

Piaggio Typhoon 50 CC

Piaggio Typhoon is not a newcomer, but the company constantly gives the model modifications, so it manages to keep up with the current trends. 

Getting this new model is easy when you reside in the UK (or any European country) as an Italian company manufactures it. 

Piaggio Typhoon 50

For people who value riding a moped in style, this model delivers. It comes in Bright White, Matte Black, and Metallic Green. The design speaks more to the younger crowd with its streaks of gold and fun appearance (especially the front end). 

It rides comfortably since the seat is cosy and features a hydraulic shock absorber. That’s not to say you won’t get bumpy rides. But compared to many others, it’s like riding on a marshmallow. 

Lexmoto Echo 50 E4

Affordable and reliable.

These two adjectives perfectly describe this Lexmoto Moped. It’s a staple in the UK’s top seller list because of its budget-friendly price and beginner-friendly features.

Unlike other cheap models, however, it doesn’t compromise style. Sure, it doesn’t have the same features as premium models, but it certainly has its charms, such as a mini-storage under the seat and readable displays. What’s more, is that it’s made with alloy.

It’s also as nimble as a feather, so teenagers won’t have a hard time hastening their skills and experience on their first ride. 

The only drawback is that it has a smaller fuel tank than the average, so you’ll need to replenish it regularly.

Peugeot Speedfight 4 Scooter

We can’t NOT have Speedfight on our list. It’s been nothing, but well-received in the UK, thanks to its sporty and fun appearance. 

Its tank is big enough and allows you to explore the city without any problems and delays. 

Most people will argue that its high price point should have guaranteed extra features and more comfort, and we’d have to agree. 

However, what this moped scooter has is pretty reasonable, especially when the manufacturer has added plenty of modifications since its inception more than twenty years ago.

It’s currently dressed with 13 inches wheels and a digital dashboard. Trendy updates, such as this, is why we think bound to stay in the spotlight for a long time. 

Direct Bikes 50 cc Retro Scooter

Last but not necessarily the least is the Direct Bike Retro Scooter. Who can deny its beauty and fun vibes?  

This moped’s features make it hip and straightforward to use. Its maximum speed is 30 mph, but it’s got plenty of room to power up and increase its performance. The current speed matches the moped’s requirements, anyway. 

Cruising around and operating the Scooter can be done by anyone who has just passed their CBT, thanks to the accessible controls and display panel.

We love a lot about this e-scooter, but it doesn’t have the best performance for a moped. It’s great for new riders, but more experienced riders might find it lacking.