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John Symmonds

Big Wheel Scooters for Adults Uk

big wheel electric scooter
Big wheel scooters are another category of electric scooters available in the bike market. Scooters in this category have tires that are 8 inches, 9 inches, even above 12 inches. Most of the big wheel scooters have tires that are…

Off-road Electric Scooters

woman on a white off road electric scooter
When I hear the word off-road, a lot of things come to mind. I begin to imagine rough terrains, rocky hills, sloppy mountains, jungle tracks, and so on. All these rough terrains have something in common, they are off the…

Are Electric Scooters Legal In The UK?

guy riding an electric scooter
The world is going through an age where everything is being integrated with modern technology. While some things are becoming modern to make them more eco-friendly, products like bicycles and scooters are going through development to increase their appeal. However,…